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Windmills Dairy Plant

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In May of 2010 we spent a few days on a small goat dairy in Maine and learned a little about operating a home goat dairy. That experience is what started the spark that set us on fire to undertake this Goliath of a task. You see, the concept of a Micro Dairy had never been done in Florida before and so there were a lot of obstacles to overcome.  It took us three years from deciding to seek our license to actually obtaining it. It required the building of two buildings to the exact specifications outlined by the FDA and the Florida Division of Dairy. Plus inspections once a month during the entire process to make sure that we stayed compliant with the rules.  Just the buildings alone took us two years to build because we wanted to save money and resources so we used a lot of recycled materials and did most of the work ourselves while at the same time building our business, running the farm and living. In 2011 our farm became certified as a Master Goat Producing  Farm through Florida A&M University and we were also awarded the “Innovative Farmer Of The Year” for the state of Florida for our recycling methods and measures we take on our farm to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are now recognized as pioneers and leaders in the Micro Dairy industry and are currently the only Grade A Goat Dairy in Florida. Since obtaining our Grade A license a year ago we have hired a few employees, increased our product line and entered into several contracts to provide products to numerous businesses that utilize goat milk products on a regular basis. We have some select products in numerous stores throughout Florida.  With all that being said we still adhere to our basic fundamental principles that we provide our customers with a healthy alternative and only produce products that we would want to purchase ourselves at an affordable price.  We are asked a lot about tours. We adhere to a strict bio security plan that prohibits tours and also due to our licensing and insurance we are not allowed to give tours or allow interaction with the animals.  However visitors are encouraged to visit our farm store during its open hours.  We live by our motto “It’s not just a business, it’s a passion”.

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